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Puppy School:


Q: When/how can I provide my puppies vaccination records?

A: You can upload them to our customer portal, email, or bring in printed copies during drop-off on your puppies first day 

Q: Do you offer early drop-off/ late pickup options?

A: We do not offer early drop-off or late pickup. Drop-off is anytime after 8am. Pickup is any time by 6pm. Late pickups will result in a fee of $10 for every 5 minutes. 

Q: When should I expect my puppy to graduate?

A: Most dogs graduate at between 6 and 9 months (or 50 lbs for larger breeds). Energy level and play style can be factors in an earlier graduation

Q: Do you work on leash training? Do you work on commands?

A: We do not work on basic training like “Sit” or walking on a leash. (Those need to be taught one-on-one)

Q: Do you train the puppies using any commands? 

A: We do not use specific verbal commands. This means that you can teach your pup any verbal commands you choose, and they will not be confused while at school

Q: What are canine counselors?

A: canine counselors are dogs that spent a lot of time in our puppy school program, have particularly nice temperaments and LOVE puppies

Q: What does a day at puppy school look like?

A: In the morning puppies are very active and playing with each other, around noon we scatter feed lunch, after lunch they continue to play and others will start taking naps. We are always working on potty training, inside voices and refereeing puppies for appropriate play. In non-pandemic times we would take public visitors from 12-4pm to help the puppies become more comfortable meeting new people. 

Q: How many puppies are there everyday?

A: We host approximately 30 puppies each day

Q: Does my puppy need to stay the whole day?

A: You can leave your puppy with us for whatever amount of time you need, keep in mind that we only charge by the day

Q: How long should I leave my puppy?

A: It depends on the puppy, some puppies have separation anxiety so it is best to start with shorter days and increase duration as the weeks progress. In general you want your puppy to be able to spend an entire day with us without showing signs of separation anxiety.

Q: I made a reservation for my puppies first day, how do I schedule his next days?

A: Following your puppies first day, there is no scheduling. We are here whatever days you need us!

Q: Should I send my puppy with anything?

A: Nope! All your puppy needs for a day of school is themself :)

Q: Why can't puppies start after 16 weeks of age?


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