Puppy School

Monday through Friday

8am to 6pm

$35 for one day

$150 for five days*

*(days must be used within three weeks)

What we work on:

 - Potty training

 - Inside voices

 - Sharing

 - Appropriate play

 - Greeting people

 - Desensitization (noises, equipment, etc)

We use positive reinforcement to encourage good behavior, and make sure that negative behavior is not reinforced


 - Puppies must begin our program before 16 weeks of age. The earlier they start the program, the more benefits they will get from it!

-Puppies must be under 20 pounds to begin school.

 - Puppies must attend Dog Therapy every week in order to maintain a spot in our class. We recommend two or three visits per week for your puppy to get the most out of the program.


 - All puppies must provide copies of their vaccinations prior to the first day of school. We require that all puppies have received their second round of distemper/parvo boosters and the bordetella vaccine.


 - Puppies must arrive early on their first day - 7:30 a.m., but after that there is no need to schedule.


To sign up, use our Customer Portal below:

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Email: info@dogtherapyboston.com

90 Linden Street, Waltham MA

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