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Puppy Socialization

Our puppy socialization program is designed to teach puppies how to make and maintain friendships.

Dogs are incredibly social animals and have their own rules of etiquette. It's important for puppies to learn the rules in a safe and fun setting. 

We teach puppies how to greet new friends, how to initiate and end play, and how to share everything from food to attention.

We use positive reinforcement to encourage good behavior and make sure bad behavior isn't rewarded. 

- We encourage good manners like potty training, inside voices, and keeping paws on the floor when greeting people.

- A confident dog is a friendly dog. We gently desensitize puppies to different stimuli like noises, tools and medical equipment, visitors and passers-by, and anything else we can think of introducing them to. 

- We introduce puppies to friendly people who can give them lots of love and attention. The more happy interactions your puppy has with people, the friendlier they will be.

- We provide a safe space for puppies to learn how to play. Our program prepares puppies for settings like daycares or dog parks, and for all the social interactions you want them to have.


Hours: Monday through Friday

8am to 6pm


Please note: Even if your puppy meets these requirements, we may not have availability at the time they need to start. Please email us with any questions.

 - Puppies must begin our program before 14 weeks of age. The earlier they start the program, the more benefits they will get from it!

- Puppies "graduate" from the program based on their age, size, and energy level. The more energy a pup has, the faster they will outgrow our space. 

 - The first two weeks are considered a trial period, and it may be determined that your puppy needs more space to run and will therefore not be a good fit for our program.

-Puppies must be under 15 pounds to begin school.

 - Puppies must attend Dog Therapy at least twice each week in order to maintain a spot in our class. We recommend getting as much socialization as possible while they're little!


 - All puppies must provide copies of their vaccinations prior to the first day of school. Please email all vaccination paperwork to

We require that all puppies have received their second round of distemper/parvo boosters and the bordetella vaccine. We also require that all puppies have received a wellness check and a negative fecal test from their local vet.


 - Puppies must arrive early on their first day - 7:30 a.m. and be picked up by 2:30 p.m., but after that there is no need to schedule.


To sign up, enroll using our Customer Portal below:

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