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Human Visits

Visiting Hours are from 12pm to 4pm, Monday through Friday.

Visits are $10 per person - starting 7/15 we will only be accepting cash!

Visits are up to one hour. We do not take reservations, so walk-ins are welcome!

Important things to know:

- We limit the number of visitors to 10 at a time. You will be admitted based on availability and the size of your party. 

- We have very limited parking! There are a few spots directly in front of the building but if those are full you must park at the CVS/Petco lot across the street. Please do not park in the driveway next to Dog Therapy or in the lot next door. (Aston Martin owns it now and will be towing.)

- We host approximately 20 to 30 puppies per day. They range in size. All of them are very sweet, but they don't have good manners yet. You will get a lot of kisses and maybe get jumped on. (We're working on that!) So don't wear anything too nice.

- We do not host groups. We limit the number of human visitors to ten at a time. This is to prevent overwhelming the puppies. 

- Humans of all ages are welcome! but if you're planning to bring children (persons under 18), please read:

All children must be directly supervised - no more than two children per adult. This means having an adult with them at all times, and it means no computers or cell phones. (Unless you are taking pictures of your child with cute puppies.) We want you to be present with the dogs, and with your kids. 

We have the following rules: 

Please remain seated.

No running or throwing things.

No loud noises.

No picking up the puppies.

Gentle play only.

Anyone who can not follow the rules will be asked to leave the play area. This is for the safety of the puppies and the visitors. 

This is not a very "active" activity. Most of it involves sitting still and letting puppies come to you. If your child has a hard time sitting still or using quiet voices, this might not be fun for them. Also if your child is afraid of dogs, this will be overwhelming for them. We recommend introducing them to dogs one at a time until they are more comfortable. 

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